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Featured Sponsors

American Mechanical ServicesThe primary goal and mission of American Mechanical Services (AMS) is to provide quality workmanship for a fair price. Our intent is to honor all of our commitments and to strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

FinraThe mission of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation is to provide underserved Americans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life. The Foundation provides high-quality, easily accessible information and tools to help investors better understand the markets and the basic principles of saving and investing., a FINRA Foundation website, offers easy-to-use tools and information to help investors make sound financial decisions and protect themselves from investment fraud.  

Scam Detector LogoScam Detector™ is a smartphone and web-based app that exposes the world's most notorious fraudulent activities, educating consumers around the globe on how to prevent financial fraud. Scams are grouped into nine categories by industry, and citizens are encouraged to submit scams and share them instantly in the app via Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

Andrews InternationalAndrews International provides full-service security and risk management solutions specialized to customer needs in a variety of industries. Its strategic partnership approach involves integrating security with focused customer service, risk analysis and resource optimization to provide solutions that become part of its customers’ corporate cultures. Andrews International is headquartered in Los Angeles, is the largest private, American-owned full-service security provider in the United States, supporting customers nationally and internationally.

ANROANRO is a WBE-certified marketing partner specializing in commercial printing, direct mail, and digital communication services. By leveraging its wide range of services and advanced technology, ANRO helps its clients better manage their print and marketing campaigns to reduce costs, increase response rates, and improve their return on investment.

 Soft-Lite was founded in 1934 and has come to be known as a leader in the replacement window manufacturing industry.
SoSoft-liteft-Lite creates products that exceed industry standards and customer expectations with windows that are AAMA Gold, NFRC, and Energy Star certified.  The company manufactures window lines with industry leading performance characteristics, such as .16/.17 U-Values, .01 and .02 air infiltration, and design pressures in the LC-60-65 arena. With the addition of the Gorell product lines, Soft-Lite also now offers replacement windows with safety benefits such as Armor Max, and Armor Impact hurricane glass.

Hey CupcakCupCake Ince! Inc. Hey Cupcake’s newest cupcake creation: Mr. Spriggy & The Cupcake Crew are proud sponsors of the National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff the Crime Dog®.
Our designated characters are Slugmuffin and Grogster. 5% of the proceeds from their merchandise sales is donated to NCPC. For more details please visit

Medeco Medeco is the proud sponsor of the McGruff Freedom program. Medeco is working with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to provide educational resource kits for local crime prevention officers. The program combines NCPC’s history and expertise in providing crime prevention education and training with Medeco’s leadership in high security locks. For more information please visit

Kwikset Kwikset McGruff the Crime Dog® may be visiting a neighborhood near you very soon! NCPC is thrilled to have Kwikset join us as a corporate partner as we develop and implement prevention programs that show citizens how to increase the safety and security of their homes.Through 2011, Kwikset and NCPC will collaborate to empower Americans with practical knowledge and useful resources to help improve their safety and security. To demonstrate and present home security and safety to the public, Kwikset will provide SmartKey Security Kits to NCPC's network of crime prevention practitioners.Please Click here to see the tour calender for a listing of events near you. Learn more about Kwikset at

 ISRI Logo Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) supports NCPC and efforts to prevent materials theft.

 Life Lock Brand Logo LifeLock, Inc.LifeLock and NCPC will help to inform and protect Americans through nationwide educational outreach that will address such topics as the latest trends in identity theft and practical steps consumers can take to lessen their chances of being victimized. In addition, NCPC and LifeLock will collaborate on a new guide entitled Protecting Against Identity Theft: A Practical Guide for Consumers.

New Wireless Foundation Logo The Wireless Foundation
The Wireless Foundation funded the production of NCPC's Crime Prevention Month Kit 2009-2010: Staying Safe in a High-Tech World.The Wireless Foundation's GET WISE ABOUT WIRELESS program helps educate students about the responsible behaviors associated with using cell phones.

School Improvement Network In 1991, teachers John and Blanch Linton, saw a need for better professional development for educators. In an effort to serve this important community, they began to network with a few educational experts throughout the United States and Canada to develop a Video Journal of Education that would highlight how quality and effective education of young people really happens. Though marked by several challenges, their overwhelming success has now fostered the School Improvement Network. Their Video Journal of Education that was posted online many years ago, is now known as PD 360 and continues to be inundated with strategies and best practices that are meeting the needs of over 700,000 of today’s educators. New content is added every month to stay on top of all the issues that arise in today’s classroom. Additionally, tools for classroom observation, Common Core Standards, equity in education, and Title I schools have become a core component of this invaluable resource.  To learn more about the School Improvement Network and PD 360 click here.

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