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Circle of Respect Podcast with Deborah Norville

The Power of RespectThe second podcast in the Circle of Respect Book Club series is now available. Download it here or search for it in iTunes.

Veteran journalist Deborah Norville has been anchor of Inside Edition since March 1995. In this podcast she talks with Circle of Respect's Joselle Shea about the issue of respect in our society. A best-selling author, Norville’s latest book follows her New York Times Best Seller, Thank You Power: Making the SCIENCE of Gratitude Work For YOU (Oct. 2007, Thomas Nelson).

In The Power of Respect Deborah says "I found how respect in schools can help schools “find” additional teaching days, simply because time isn't spent writing up discipline reports and sending kids to the principal's office. More impressive, test scores go up! Imagine a school so chaotic it was put on lockdown because of the riot in the parking lot. In just three years, the Power of Respect made that school a place kids are sad to leave. I take you into schools where respect programs have made astonishing changes."

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