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The Circle of Respect is a nationwide movement that will fundamentally change behavior by creating a positive culture of respect in American society, in all of the places that we live work and play.

The Circle of Respect will bring together people from across the country to build workplaces, homes, schools, malls, online spaces, and communities that foster respect and consideration for one another, with the larger goal of decreasing criminal behaviors, such as bullying and cyberbullying, harassment, vandalism, theft, alcohol and other drug abuse, date rape, and hate crimes.

With the goal of creating safer and more caring communities, the Circle of Respect campaign will have a role for everyone—children and youth, adults and parents, teachers, law enforcement, community organizers, businesses, and other nonprofits. Sign up now to receive updates on the campaign, to find out how you can be involved, to get sneak previews of what's happening next, and to enter contests. And be sure to check back on October 1, 2009, for the unveiling. The Circle of Respect: Are you in it?