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First Timers Resource Project Review Group

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 The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice, has set forth to provide young adults, ages 18-24, with the knowledge and skills surrounding victimization and personal safety. As one of the most vulnerable populations, due to their age and life experiences, it is NCPC’s belief that the group does not have many resources with information needed for this transitional point in life. The overall goals of the First Timers Resource Project (FTRP) are:

  • Reduce victimization of young adults that occurs as a result of a general lack of awareness of prevention practices
  • Enhance educators’ abilities to reduce campus crime and effectively prepare young adults for campus life
  • Promote awareness of crime and safety concerns facing young adults

The FTRP Review Group will comprise a voluntary group of invested stakeholders, such as professors, young adults, administrators, law enforcement, and more. Members of the Review Group will review some of the deliverables produced by project and help guide the edit process. NCPC recognizes the knowledge and expertise of the members of FTRP Review Group and in addition to the voluntary nature of the group will make every effort to not task members with every item of the project. Examples of deliverables for the project include a college curriculum and a high school toolkit. The college curriculum will be used in a classroom setting, where multiple safety topics will be discussed throughout the semester. The high school toolkit will have several safety and crime prevention resources for upcoming high school graduates. It is through the guided support of the Review Group that NCPC will be able to create an energetic and engaging campaign, as well as substantial resources that discuss subjects that are most important to young adults.


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Please send via fax or email to: Robin Young at or 202-296-1356.