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Photos--Events- and McGruff-Related

Photographs From Events and McGruff Appearances

Image Winter Haven Police Department's Crime Prevention Van
McGruff Waves From Van Painted With McGruff and TABOOC in Front of Police Department
Folder Guppy Gala - May 2006
National Zoological Park, Washington, DC. McGruff Appearance.
Image Great Oaks Police Academy Graduating Class
Training Coordinator Greg Fiebig on left, Commander Roger McHugh on right
Image SIA Ride for Education
April 5, 2008, in Las Vegas, NV
Image McGruff in Wisconsin
McGruff running on football field, October 2007
Image Child with McGruff
Child high-fives McGruff, October 2007
Image McGruff in New Orleans
McGruff and New Orleans police officers talking with children at Alice Harte School, April 2007.
Image McGruff and Cop Car
McGruff gives thumbs up near K-9 cop car
Image Two officers
Image Officers and kids
Image Officers and kids
Image Group of kids
Image Officer and Kids on Playground
An officer and kids chat on the playground
Image Thinking Senior Woman
woman at kitchen table
Image Student and Teacher in Class
smiling student and teacher
Image Smiling Girls
two girls, smiling
Image Scruff's Halfpipe Challenge
screen grab from game on
Image Officers and McGruff with Bus
McGruff and smling police officers in front of bus
Image Officer and Youth on Bridge
police officer and children on playground bridge
Image McGruff with Police and Youth
McGruff the Crime Dog, surrounded by a crowd of youth and police officers
Image McGruff and Al Lenhardt at Capitol
Alfonso Lenhardt and McGruff the Crime Dog on the steps of the Captiol
Image Child Drinking Milk
child with carton of chocolate milk
Image Boy and McGruff
boy and McGruff
Image Youth on Balcony
teenage boy looks out over balcony
Image Portland Park Safe Sign
Sign used by Portland, OR, Police Bureau for 2002 Park Safe campaign
Image Portland Park Safe Sign on Street
Street photo with Portland, OR, Police Bureau's Park Safe campaign sign
Image Portland Park Safe Sign on Street (Cropped)
Cropped photo with Portland, OR, Police Bureau's Park Safe campaign sign for Catalyst, February 2009
Image McGruff at PSRW 2009
Image McGruff Costume Head
Image Intracoastal Crime Watch
Image McGruff (garyvarvel- Political Cartoons)
Image McGruff gets a Hug
Image Campus Crime Prevention Training
Image Tom Brashaw
Image Celebrate Safe Communities Target Event
Image CSC Tagert Night Out with McGruff
Image Mortgage Fraud
Image Community Police Car for CSC
Image Personal Safety
Image Community Engagement
Image Cybersafety
Image I Give Myself Away Stage Play
Image CSC Event Photo Hawaii - 1
Image CSC Event Photo Hawaii - 2
Image McGruff with Damien Hudson
Image Geiger Products
Image When the Going Gets Scruff
Image Seniors Virtual Conference - Save the Date
Image Banner
Image Arizona Regional Training
Image Campus Training Picture
Image Ann M. Harkins
Image License ad - mcgruffstuff high rez
Image License ad - mcgruffstuff
Image License ad - geiger
Image License ad - gallant gifts
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