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File Discriminatory Lending Cases
Identifying Discriminatory Lending Practices and Filing a Fair Lending Complaint and Victims’ Rights in Criminal Prosecutions Related to Discriminatory Lending
File Are You a Victim of Mortgage Fraud? There’s HOPE NOW!
HOPE NOW Alliance Outreach and Fraud Prevention Efforts Through 2013
File HUD Approved Agencies to rescue
HUD-Approved Counseling Agencies come to Mortgage Fraud Rescue
File Emerging Mortgage Fraud Hotspots
States Feel the Heat of Emerging Mortgage Fraud “Hotspots”
File Mortgage Fraud and Its Impact in Local Communities
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Office of Inspector General
File Scheme of Things
The Scheme of Things: What you Should Know About Mortgage Fraud
File Catching Schemers and Aiding Victims
Training in Full Force: Catching Schemers and Aiding Victims
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