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File Bullying: What’s New and What To Do
This presentation helps participants identify and understand various bullying behaviors, the scope of the bullying problem, who bullies, the warning signs that a child is being bullied, strategies children can use to deal with bullying, and steps adults can take to address bullying.
File Methamphetamine Abuse and Clandestine Laboratories
This presentation covers the history of meth; what meth is; what meth looks like; street names; signs, symptoms, and methods of use; side effects of meth abuse; abuse patterns and treatment; types of clandestine labs; and dangers associated with clandestine labs.
File Identity Theft and Strategies for Crime Prevention
This presentation defines identity theft, discusses why participants should worry about it, examines how identity theft occurs, looks at how identity theft has emerged, discusses what is being done about identity theft, and looks at ways participants can protect themselves.
File Smart and Safe in Cyberspace: Social Networking 101
This presentation informs communities of the emerging trend of social networking and provides safety tips to help children and youth socialize safely online.
File Neighborhood Watch (Part 1)
This presentation informs participants of the importance of Neighborhood Watch and provide strategies for starting a Neighborhood Watch program within their community.
File Neighborhood Watch (Part 2)
This presentation provides participants with strategies for strengthening their Neighborhood Watch programs and explores ways that their programs can be connected with homeland security and emergency preparedness.
File School Safety and Security
This presentation discusses school safety and security issues, factors affecting school safety, key components of school safety planning, and how to engage the community to foster safer schools.
File Education about cyberbullying
File Assisting Victims of Mortgage Fraud
File Winning Strategies That Educate Homeowners about Loan Modification Scams
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