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Mortgage Fraud Podcasts

How do I get help for Mortgage Fraud?

The NCPC sheds light on a new regulation created to lessen the chance of mortgage scams for potential and current homebuyers.  The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s  (FinCen) Director, James Freis, informs listeners of a positive step in the right direction for the housing finance system. Established as a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, FinCen appropriately serves as the bridge for banks/lenders and law-enforcement.

Improving Public Safety Series of Crime Prevention Podcast

  •  Preventing Mortgage Fraud
  • During the podcast, Freis elaborates on the FinCen regulations and provides the latest criminal techniques and tools the FinCEN is utilizing to decrease risks of mortgage fraud among struggling homeowners and potential homebuyers.  The useful information given will allow listeners to understand the importance of the FinCen regulations and also highlight the steps homebuyers can take to decrease their chances of mortgage fraud.  Click here to download the podcast!

VIctims of Mortgage Fraud Series Podcast

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