Tips for Parents

Signs That Your Daughter Could Be Involved In Gangs

  • Uses hand signs regularly
  • Tagging- graffiti type designs/symbols on clothing or other possessions
  • Shows aggressive behavior
  • Shows interest in wearing “gang attire” which may include one or two specific colors, bandanas, or baggy pants
  • Refuses to wear a certain color
  • Has a new unusual nickname
  • Has excessive amounts of money
  • Has unexplained physical injuries
  • Has new tattoos
  • Displays sudden poor performance in school

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What parents can do to prevent gang involvement

  • Never believe “not my child”
  • Spend quality time with your daughter. This will keep lines of communication open for a healthy honest relationship.
  • Get your daughter involved in extra-curricular activities (e.g. recreation centers, volunteer work, sports, clubs, etc. )
  • Know your daughter’s friends and her friend’s parents
  • Know your daughter’s love interest. Insist on meeting this person before you allow her to spend time with them.
  • Follow-up on your daughter’s story. If she says she’s sleeping at a friend’s, call and make sure.
  • Educate yourself and your daughter on gangs and the dangers that they present

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Programs to help girls leave gangs

To find local programs within your community you can contact a teacher or school guidance counselor, your local police department, a local church, or a relative.

Boys and Girls Club of America:

The Hope Project:

Reach Out: 

The National Center for Victims of Crime:


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