Tips for Schools

It can be difficult for school administrators and faculty to watch students at all times. Known gang members that attend school are usually recognized and feared among faculty and students alike. It is important to remember that students who are not gang affiliated deserve to be provided with a safe learning environment. It is the responsibility of the faculty and staff to ensure a safe, comfortable, learning environment for students.  Listed are a few tips to reduce gang activity, recruitment, and gang violence in school.

  • Ban gang related attire (e.g. bandanas, loose clothing, oversized t-shirts, etc.).
  • Issue uniforms to the students .
  • Use metal detectors in order to ensure that no weapons will be brought into the school .
  • Appoint adult hall monitors to prevent gang violence and/or recruitment within the school
  • Hold afterschool activities with adult supervision like sports and recreation, clubs, etc. This will keep students busy and off the streets, safe from gangs.
  • Start a mentor program. This will increase the likelihood that students remain gang free and increase the chances that they graduate.
  • Provide adequate, professional counseling for students.
  • Hold mandatory gang awareness assemblies, seminars, and classes to educate students on the dangers of gang involvement.
  • Work with your local police department to determine civil gang injunctions. These injunctions are a court order that prohibits named gang members from gathering in specified public places. If civil gang injunctions can be enforced within their city, it will help to deter gang activity and prevent recruitment.
  • Establish safety zones around the school. This will deter outside gang members from recruiting students.
  • Use safe passages.  Safe passages protect children from the possible dangers in a community, especially communities that have high gang activity.

For more information download Educators Gang Fact Sheet

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