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About McGruff

Back in 1980, a dog in a rumpled trench coat said, " You don't know me yet. But you will."

Back in 1980, a dog in a rumpled trench coat said, "You don't know me yet. But you will." Since then, McGruff the Crime Dog has taught millions of people that the police can't fight crime alone - crime prevention is everybody's business and everyone can help "Take A Bite Out Of Crime."

Through television commercials, comic books, live appearances, and more, McGruff has encouraged Americans to take common-sense steps to reduce crime. Some of his favorite messages are

  • To lock doors, leave the lights on when away from home, and let neighbors know when you go on vacation
  • Do things that build a sense of neighborhood and create communities that don't produce crime and where people look out for each other and kids feel safe
  • Get involved, to join Neighborhood Watch, and to clean up streets and parks
  • For children and teens to protect themselves from substance abuse, bullies, and gang violence

These messages are catching on. In 2004, violent and property crimes remained at their lowest levels since 1973. Criminal victimization is down. And most people know McGruff the Crime Dog, including 76 percent of children ages 9 to 11.

Read more about McGruff's background and how you can help him “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.”

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