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Marketing and Business Development Manager

NCPC plans to hire a marketing/business development manager with specific private sector marketing experience. Compensation and incentives will be determined. The primary focus of this manager will be to design and execute a private corporate sponsorship outreach plan.

This is a new model for NCPC. The emphasis will be on corporate business development and licensing rather than traditional nonprofit fund development. 

The NCPC Marketing and Business Development Manager is a key position reporting to the President. This crucial position will assist in the growth and financial expansion of the organization over the years ahead. This position will set the strategy and manage the tactics necessary to raise public and private sector awareness of NCPC and increase private donations and sponsorships. The individual selected must be a team player who will work collaboratively with NCPC programs, communications, public education, community outreach, research, grant writing, finance, and trademark control staff.


·      Oversee all revenue generating marketing activities

·      Oversee the monetizing of the McGruff character: franchising, licensing, corporate relationships

·      Cultivate and expand current corporate partnerships

·      Reengage previous corporate sponsors and generate ROI reports

·      Engage and oversee new sponsor outreach and proposals directed toward ROI metrics

·      Work with private sector marketing executives to form a business forum or sector-based forums that will assist and advise on NCPC activities and public information sources

·      Serve as an advisor to NCPC media campaign teams

·      Design and implement a marketing plan for NCPC training initiatives: public and private

·      Oversee Internet and website marketing activities: search engine marketing strategies and transaction functionality

·      Participate on team of NCPC staff working to expand Internet base for program/grant activities

·      Oversee government liaison activities and reporting (preferred)

·      Oversee marketing initiatives of neighborhood grass roots crime prevention groups in the next phase of business plan implementation (24-36 months)

This position requires prior private sector marketing management experience as distinct from nonprofit fund-raising/development experience.

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