Sep 16, 2019

USPTO and NCPC Work Together To Raise Awareness About Intellectual Property

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The USPTO and NCPC are working together to raise public awareness about the importance of intellectual property and to decrease demand for counterfeit goods in the United States. This public education campaign is aimed at tweens and teens and will tie in the intellectual property community and law enforcement. This Campaign will increase the desire to buy genuine goods, raise awareness of the damage caused by counterfeits, change attitudes and change counterfeit buying behaviors by educating young consumers on how to identify and avoid counterfeit goods. We want all consumers to develop - particularly while young - a desire to make smart buying decisions and buy legitimate goods.

Mar 13, 2018

National Crime Prevention Council Promotes School Safety

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Washington, DC, DATE / PRNewswire / — School safety is a growing concern, most recently with the Parkland, FL shooting. Schools and communities across the country are dealing with how to approach these tragic situations.   Becoming informed about risky behaviors and what to do with that information is key for students, parents, and teachers. [...]