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Crime Awareness Block Party

Community celebration of partnership with local law enforcement and one another. We are the village, and we will raise civic-minded leaders!

Start Date: October 1, 2008
City, State: Washington, DC
Intended audience(s):
Children, Community volunteers, Local elected officials, Representatives of public safety agencies besides law enforcement (fire, emergency services, emergency planning/management), Senior citizens, Watch groups (Block, Neighborhood, Business)

The residents of the 2900 block of Nelson Place, NE, in partnership with the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department Sixth District Police Service Area 604 are hosting a Crime Awareness Block Party on Saturday, October 3.  Spearheaded by Ms. Linda Keyes, the goal of the event is to engage disenfranchised residents in community policing efforts.  To achieve this goal, tenant association chairs, advisory neighborhood commissioners, and stakeholders will converge on the community, bringing a carnival-like atmosphere to attract children and adults, who will be the beneficiaries of free literature and safety demonstrations, in the hopes of stimulating dialogue between neighbors and creating a more communcal atmosphere within the immediate area of the event.  Equipped with safety tips, residents will establish communication lines among one another and with patrol officers in the hope of encouraging more residents to attend monthly police community meetings to explore minimizing instances of victimization and creating a community that is unattratctive to the criminal element.