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Bullying and Intimidation

Professional training from the National Crime Prevention Council

Bullying Today: What You Can Do
Participants will learn what bullying is in its many forms, myths about bullying, how widespread bullying is, characteristics of both bullies and victims, and effects of bullying on victims and bystanders. This session includes promising prevention and intervention strategies and programs, and will look at how using research-based strategies can make bullying prevention more effective.

Audience: Adults
Topics: Bullying and conflict management
Length: Two to four hours
From Standing By to Speaking Out: Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Bullying
Engaging bystanders is a key strategy to prevent bullying. This session, which includes interactive discussion and role plays, will address roles bystanders can play, research on bystander behavior, obstacles to bystander engagement, strategies to overcome those obstacles, and campaign resources.

Audience: Adults
Topics: Bullying and conflict management
Length: Two to two hours
Sticks and Stones: Bully Prevention for Youth
This training for middle and high school-aged youth will examine the nature of bullying and help young people identify strategies and build skills for managing bullying situations, whether as a victim or a bystander.

Audience: Youth
Topics: Bullying and conflict management
Length: Two to four hours

Keeping Children Safe: Helping Kids Face the Tough Issues
Today‚Äôs kids face so many tough issues, from bullying, drugs, and violence in the media to staying safe at home, in the neighborhood, and on the Internet.  Look at specific ways we can help children manage a variety of safety issues through appropriate messages, activities, parental support, programming, and policy.

Audience: Adults
Topics: Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; bullying; conflict management; diversity; home alone; internet; media influences; neighborhood safety
Length: Two to six hours
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