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NCPC’s public service ads let people know how they can identify suspicious behavior and protect themselves from potential crime.


Selling Your Firearm Safely

Intellectual Property Theft

Safe Firearms Storage

National Shooting Sports Foundation

NCPC is partnering with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to create short educational McGruff videos about gun safety. McGruff teaches kids his 4-steps for what you should do if you come across a gun 1) Stop 2) Don’t Touch 3) Get Away 4) Tell An Adult! The NSSF mission is “To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.”

National Association of Police Athletics/Activities League, Inc.

NCPC developed teen and youth curricula for the National Police Athletics/Activities Leagues, Inc.‘s (NPAL) mentoring program. NPAL mentors teach teens and youth NCPC lessons on everything from gangs to property crime and bullying. NPAL and its chapters work nationwide promoting the prevention of juvenile crime and violence by building relationships among kids, cops and community through positive engagement.

Upcoming Events

 Explore the trainings and technical assistance that NCPC offers.


#TBT: McGruff, the bloodhound mascot of the #NationalCrimePreventionCouncil (@mcgruffatncpc) debuted in 1980 educating citizens on #personalsecurity measures, such as locking doors in order to reduce crime. #ThrowbackThursday #McGruff #Takeabiteoutofcrime

Our McGruff at Gloria Floyd Elementary for school's YCW "Stop the Violence" Blue Ribbon Week Campaign #ycwmiamidade @MDSPD @MiamiDadePD @GFE2021 @MiamiDadeBCC @DLCAVA @LubbyNavarro @JeffBezos @MDCPS @McGruffatNCPC

Gloria Floyd Elementary students participating at school's YCW "Stop the Violence" Blue Ribbon Week Campaign #ycwmiamidade @MDSPD @DLCAVA @MiamiDadePD @GFE2021 @LubbyNavarro @MiamiDadeBCC @MDCPS @JeffBezos @McGruffatNCPC

The National Crime Prevention Council and Canon U.S.A., Inc. Announce Call for Entries for "Stop Fakes" Video Contest to Help Combat Counterfeits https://t.co/oI8HugRr8f @McGruffatNCPC


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