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National Crime Prevention Association
Crime Prevention Coalition of America

Safe Firearms Storage Campaign

The Safe Firearms Storage campaign encourages firearms owners to make safe firearms storage a priority.  To encourage current and prospective firearm owners to safely lock up their weapons when they’re not in use, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) created a new public service advertising (PSA) campaign developed in partnership with the Ad Council and funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). Read more.

Living Safer, Being Smarter

The National Crime Prevention Council has new resources for 18- to 24-year-olds. Whether it’s getting a job, finding an apartment, navigating the community, securing a first credit card, or dealing with new freedoms and responsibilities, the “Smarter” campaign has it covered. It’s an exciting time of life for young adults. But it’s also important for them to have the knowledge on how to stay safe and prevent crime.

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News Item New PSA Campaign
Encourages Firearms Owners to “Lock It Up” When Not In Use and Provides Firearms Safety Resources for Families.1.4 Million American Households Have Unlocked Firearms that Could Fall into the Wrong Hands .

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